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Comment: Sexual abuse by Priests is now at zero,

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Sexual abuse by Priests is now at zero,

but the Catholic bashers are still throwing mud at every chance they get. Since Pope Benedict has been in office, the sexual abuse cases against Catholic Priests is nil. The Pope instituted a rigorous policy at the seminaries to eliminate all candidates with homosexual tendencies and established strict rules and punishment against those accused and convicted of any such crimes. Also all the false accusations about the Pope being involved in sexual abuse cases were all false, as fullly reported and documented by the Catholic League, which proved that the only truth to the story was the media's bias and hatred for this "Orthodox, pro life, and anti homosexual" Pope. Maybe instead of bashing this Pope, the rest of the world should implement similar programs to eliminate sexual abuse, because the records show, and have always shown, that most of the sexual abuse cases are against public school teachers and other religious ministers in all the other non Catholic faiths. Please look at the facts before you condemn or bash the Holy Father and the Catholic church, as you will be judged accordingly. God Bless all the Daily Paulers!!