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Unfortunately the public in general is uneducated on the subject. Our planet has gone through cycles of warming and cooling forever. Carbon dioxide levels have been so high in periods of the past that earth would be inhospitable to humans. It is not uncommon for film makers to film annual melting of ice and present it to others as if the waters do not freeze again. I care about the environment and do not want to pollute it. But the truth is, natural gas is the best shot we have as Americans. 'Green energy' is definitely important and should be developed but it has many downfalls. Solar and wind are available when the least amount of energy is being pulled from the grid. We do not have efficient enough ways to store that energy for later use. Not to mention how much energy it takes to build wind turbines, the slow rate of energy it gives in return, and the constant maintenance it requires to keep them functioning.

Electric cars are even more of a joke because most the car is made of plastic and the batteries are made of rare earth minerals mined in China. We all know the condition or their environmental regulations. Then the cars are shipped overseas where we charge them off the grid which is primarily sourced by burning coal. It is such a joke people with these cars think that they are helping the environment. Maybe locally, but globally they are causing even more damage.

I am all about energy efficient cars and like the idea of hybrid engines. But we must utilize natural gas. Cars can run on compressed natural gas and have much cleaner emissions. That should be the new vehicle, the hybrid cng. North America could be nearly energy independent if we were to transition to natural gas on a large scale. The problem is it would require public support and the MSM has done its job of misinforming the country. Oil companies are flaring (burning off) gas all day long across the country because there is such an excess and it is not profitable. This must change. Drillers literally abandon multi million dollar wells because they produce gas with no oil. If we were to make this transition it would mean more American jobs and bringing money to rural areas. We need to utilize the abundant clean energy source that was provided; this is a subject that must be investigated.

My thoughts.

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.