Comment: LMAO. Is it April's Fools already?!

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LMAO. Is it April's Fools already?!

LMAO. Is it April's Fools already?! Or what?

I have NO IDEA how that guy could even survive his laughing his a** off, after such an official statement! Must have hurt BAD THE BELLY!

Impressive, THE DUDE! ...

Everything's gonna be okay, peeps: EVEN China says so! They've redone the Math for ya, peeps. Not to worry!

But hey... Pssst... Could ya pleeeease dump and sell your silver and gold faster, peeps?! China says you're all good with your cotton dollars... yeah, THAT you can keep.

But gold, pffft!! "It's just tradition, anyway" ( (c) Copyright Ben Bernanke, 2011- )


Oh my. Goodness.

My favorite part:

"[...]China’s central bank has radically revised its view of US economic and strategic power, predicting that the dollar will remain the world’s paramount reserve currency for decades to come.[...]"


P R E C I O U S !

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