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Your credentials...

surprised me.

A member this long has to have endured twice the amount of shit as me.

When Occupy started I screamed from the rafters to join that movement. I understood it was our best way to spread a message of freedom, individualism and personal responsibility and it was shot down.

I reached out to my friends outside of our movement that supported Occupy and was shot down.

Washington was correct. The two party system is causing the failure to overcome obstacles.

I always wondered why Ron Paul did not make a public appearance supporting that movement. With one speech, he could have shifted the political debate.

So I feel ya bud...

Ron is philosophical leader but he flat out sucks as a political leader. Rand is not Ron. Let us all hope that he is half as principled and twice as politically savvy.

Our movement needs leadership no matter how individual we are.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul