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Great ? Obi

I have spent the past few years waking people up. Specifically the young people and liberals. I have tutored at risk youth on and off for 4 years and I slip in pieces of Ron Paul's speeches as reading homework. I explain to them the Fed and blowback. I wake them up to drone wars and the benefits of limited government. A lot of them keep in touch with me and they were out there campaigning for Amash and Ron Paul this past election season. The cool thing about that is that I never said any candidates name when I tutored them, I woke them up to ideas and they applied those ideas. I had one email me and ask me if I had ever heard of "this Ron Paul guy" last fall because he was starting a Ron Paul meet up group on his campus since he was able to get accepted into college on scholarships. Imagine the pride!

I also pushed for curriculum and syllabi changes on campus. I got The Creature from Jekyll Island added as reading in economics classes. I changed curriculums in the lit department and I worked tirelessly on the philosophy department adding Ayn Rand's theories on objectivism to their curriculum.

That's what I do. I wake people up. I cannot be involved in local politics because I move way too much (pretty much whenever school is out of session I am in a different state/city/country) but that is also important.

And since we are still in the jam session.... Wake up