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Dear OP,


Funny you bring this up. A few weeks ago, dear wife and I discussed / debated about all the things wrong in that nonsense that "college" education has become nowadays - and not just in the U.S., if that's any bitter consolation...

Indeed, everywhere, we have gone LIGHT YEARS AWAY from what "Universities" used to be about ... centuries ago.

Anyway, without restating the obvious we all know about public education systems that pursue the planners' specific agenda to brainwash always more young people and more broadly TO JUSTIFY THE EXISTENCE OF THE BIG STATE ... we ended up... dreaming...

We ended up dreaming of a society so free and prosperous that 90% of the higher education could be provided by the free markets of the brains OF PROFESSIONAL PEERS.

Seriously. PEER engineer. PEER architect. PEER nurses. PEER accountants. PEER mechanic. PEER baker. PEER farmer. PEER you name it. In your community. Or city. Or county.

If ONLY WE WERE ALLOWED to keep all the wealth we create for ourselves and our families ... couldn't we EASILY AND GLADLY train the youths? For free or small or big fees ... depending where we live in, and what are our YEARS of experience AND REPUTATIONS?

Why do we even NEED the state for ANY higher education which isn't about very few domains where academia is indeed, soon or late, desirable ... I am thinking about brain surgery, or nuclear physics. THAT, okay. Professors and amphitheaters likely needed.

Also, this is the age of FEASIBLE WIDELY AVAILABLE INFORMATION, isn't it?

Think about it. List of the professions in use on the (captive, less and less free) markets ... our bet is you WON'T find more than 1 or 2% of the total volume of professional curriculums ACTUALLY needing A VERY FORMAL education (comparing what's taught in college today w/ what happens in businesses) - and that will probably be several years, the last couple ones, AFTER today's high school level-equivalent anyway...

Hence, back to your post and relevant I hope:

I think it is a good idea you have - especially if you can help it out with a recognized professional peer to tutor / mentor your kid as a preparation or during the cursus.


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