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Wealth cycles

the only thing you have it backwards. You need to be holding silver, if you bought gold when it was $100/oz you should sell now and buy silver. If you do you would have caught a true wealth cycle. Because silver is at the beginning of it's cycle, it has a long way to go before it hits a bubble. Silver will be in parity with gold one day IMO.

The main thing to realize all commodities are trapped in a wealth channel, in that they always track one another. for a period of time one will rise in price over the others then will fall then others will rise and fall. but they are always tracking each other. The trick is to find the one commodity ready to take off. Right now it is silvers time for a bull run over all other commodities.

The only problem the banksters are trying to cover their asses, and not let silver go too high. Once silver gets too high it's over, the whole banking system could collapse.

Mike Maloney explains wealth cycles, and the banking system in this 1 1/2 hr video.

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