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Ah! Makes sense...

Ah! Makes sense...

I see better... Yes, of course, if the GSR gets "too low", you'd still expect a natural correction of the markets by themselves on either commodities or both, even if their respective markets were not so manipulated thru so much of abusing by the paper contract artifice.

It's just something I realized on the late (and to be honest, I'm a bit p*ssed off at myself to be late - now that we're at a GSR ~ 55... Damn!)

That's why I'm watching closely from now on, and should AU and AG continue drop dramatically I won't care for a second more about their spot prices than what's the GSR tension between them, rather! (to friendly lows, ideally) ... should we be lucky enough for the latter to drop AS WELL... I won't think for a second before converting a chunk of one into the other.

Sadly... I see it unlikely... I'm afraid we'll see another rally up for AU only or both long before we get another chance the GSR becomes friendly again. :(

But thanks for your input refresher. I'll have to study wealth cycles, now, instead of guessing by myself!

Thank you for the insight!

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