Comment: I Am Not Gay

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I Am Not Gay

But I have taken in Gay kids that were thrown out by their parents at the ripe old age of 14 for being gay. One of them told me how his mom told him she bought a headstone with his name on it to signify that he was dead to her because he was gay. AT 14! I have dealt with transgender people too. It takes a lot of courage to be transgender and try to live a normal life! I have adopted wild horses most of which had serious emotional issues after being "humanely rounded up" by BLM morons in helicopters, I have worked with humane societies to save cats, dogs and other "unwanted" creatures, dealt with wild animals and so on and I find it offensive that people are judged in this fashion as though it is a scandal by ignorant people that have never had any experience with the things they are judging first hand. I don't like Graham AT ALL but I also don't like people that judge according to sexual preference as though YOU are somehow superior because of it. Graham is a rat but don't try to make it out as though it's because of his "gayness" Tell me P Nicholson, what experience have you had with ANY of the things I have stated above? I am not trying to be combative, I get it that you hate Graham and I can agree to do the same BECAUSE OF HIS POLITICAL VIEWS, but do you ever think it through before you post? I try to though I sometimes fail. I don't CARE about sexual preference and I don't care for people that do!