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War is a huge part of the

War is a huge part of the subject here. The U.S. is pulling troops back and using drones to do dirty work instead, so only enough ground troops are needed to surround the sites where the supplementary resources are stolen and coerced from these countries. Europe and the UK are beefing up their military now(as is evident in France's war in Mali and the EU's and UK's parliamentary actions), because they can no longer outsource their operations to the U.S. So, it appears we are becoming "Energy Independent" because we have permitted the privileged monopsony to extract natural gas from domestic soil for literally fueling the transport sector of the economy.. but it's still not as pretty as it seems. China is still trying to invest in its domestic economy. I'm actually living in China now, and it's not as pretty here either as many seem to think it is judging by looking at photos online. There is A LOT of poverty that is only slowly being eradicated in a Georgist kind of way. The economy in China is predicted to slow down to a 4% growth rate after this year's 8% rate. So, they will not have a chance to be strong in military terms for a long time. That means to dollar will be the reserve currency for at least however long that lasts.