Comment: Stossel's Temperament

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Stossel's Temperament

I don't think Stossel is a shill. I think he's made a career out of being honest and exposing corruption.

And he has been honest about his journey from Republican supporter to Libertarian. (The same journey I made) I really think he's one of us. BUT - I think his energy level is just lower. He's not a spit-fire type of guy to "get after" Anne.

Think about it - his career was made going under cover and pretending to be on the inside. He's not the confrontational type.

He might be a bit soft, but definitely not a shill.
Absolutely not.

I DO think we need an Alpha Libertarian.

Jesse Ventura ... maybe Judge Nap come to mind.
Stossel, like Ron, is open and honest and I'm glad he's on our side.
I like to see genuinely GOOD PEOPLE find genuinely GOOD philosophies.