Comment: The MOST Important Lesson:

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The MOST Important Lesson:

Someone here posted a John Gatto link and after watching some of his vids I realized, this is one of those rare people who understands what a successful human looks like.

I think the most important characteristic this kid can develop is INDEPENDENCE, and whether he's a lawyer or a street sweeper shouldn't be the issue. It's his life.

Kids are ready sooner than society allows them to venture out. In fact, society keeps them sheltered so long, that many people lose their WILD INSTINCTS. They become docile, domesticated, Yes-Men. It's unnatural and debilitating.

So I would pay LESS attention to his formal schooling, and more attention to things like:

Can he get a job wherever he wants?
(who cares if he's 14 - get an under-the-table job; or just be an apprentice)
Can he thrive on his own? Or does he rely on a 'crowd'?
Does he think about and present his own ideas? Or does he seek the approval of his ideas from his peers or his parents before he jumps in?
Does he do any solo sports / activities ?

I think you're focused on the wrong issue.

Schooling & Jobs don't bring happiness -> the ability to get what you want when you want it brings happiness, and that comes from a FIRM FOUNDATION - a Heaping Dose - of INDEPENDENCE.

As a comparison, 16 yr old girls circumnavigate the globe, alone, in a boat. Could he?