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So Many Names...

"traditional DEM & GOP thinking to boast racial, ethnic and gender diversity."

Finally one point where I am in total agreement with what you write.

Likewise, I can't care less for which group supports or opposes this Duke's views. I can make my own opinion by listening or reading him. "Thank you. You're welcome." The little I saw lately on the DP which I found rather negative and much counter productive... I didn't even bother comment on him (except to express my support for Michael Nystrom's point on a side note... aka "free speech").

Indeed. Surprise, surprise... since he (Duke) seems to think alike - using labels and jars - whoever his ghosts, specters are. I don't get it some people still fall for something debunked past a hundred years ago:

Makes you wonder who can still read about important past milestones and their texts, these days. Right?

My own people, the French, the same as Bastiat's, OBSERVABLY has difficulties in reading OUR OWN authors.

Quite depressing. I may end up killing myself at some point.


Meh. j/k.

Oh well.

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