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I wish someone would have stood up and said "Ann this type of thinking is why you and the rest of the rinos in the GOP are all Dinosaurs." "You are not conservatives you are not liberals but you love big government in different ways. You could not even field a candidate to beat a full on socialist president." "And you come here and try to paint us as pandering to liberals, that is the most outrageous thing and the reason you do it is to confuse and perpetuate your rino brand of GOP."

Then the person should have asked isn't congress supposed to declare war or is that part of the constitution not important? They could have followed up with saying the dept of ed has been around for 60 years or so, so why do you think you can change that if you can't get gov out of marriage. They could have further called her out on the GOP not putting forward any truly meaningful budget cuts, except Ron Paul who she and her kind always marginalize.

The point when faced with people like her is to keep reminding them they are dinosaurs, they cannot win without us and we know compromising isn't the answer. Libertarians know its better to go Galt than to sell out our sons and daughters. This is the best point we can make to the 60 year old plus neocon crowd and we must keep making it. They cannot win without us.