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Comment: reference: black as the ace of spades.

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reference: black as the ace of spades.

Yes, I had a point when I posted this. Apparently.

Just guessing now, but I think my point was... that labels are thrown about very easily by people who don't wear them? Or something like that?

Getting back to my notion of videotaping interviews with black people - my idea was to maybe ask people what they though of certain social phenomena as a black person, and then secondly how they thought of these things as an African-American, and thirdly how they thought about being divided into these different sub-sects.

The whole point being to get the individual...

the individual,

to think about how they were being classified, named, typified, rarified, sectionized, homogenized and sterilized through the labels they willingly wear on their own foreheads.

My ideal response to any question framed in terms of race, gender, etc would be "forget all that fool! I don't like that thing as a HUMAN BEING and for no other reason!"

And that's all there is.

Chris Indeedski!

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