Comment: Reminds me of a 'facebook' - type question about race...

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Reminds me of a 'facebook' - type question about race...

White people go...
White with anger
Red with rage
Blue with the cold
Green with envy
Pink with embarrassment
Yellow with fear
...yet they call black people 'colored'.

Just speaks to the ridiculousness of identifying oneself by color.

But on the other hand ethnic heritage is important and is something the one-worlder types want to do away with.

Bottom line: Cultural and ethnic heritage is something to be celebrated as long as people know that different doesn't mean better than or worse than. It's a thin line to toe which is why it is so easy for people to play the race/religion/ethnicity 'card' and get the people fighting amongst ourselves when we should be uniting against the true source of problems we all face...

you know, them banker-types.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.