Comment: everyone but gay men reply, I'll chime in.

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everyone but gay men reply, I'll chime in.

It is not infallible, but my gaydar is pretty good. My niece called me and asked if I knew where her worthless POS father might be hiding at that moment. Bless her heart, she calls every few years to ask that, and we have never heard a peep from the bum since he ditched his family in the most heinous display of selfishness I have ever witnessed... but I digress. She called and asked about him, I told her I did not know. She did not have time to chat, so that was the entire conversation. I hung up and told my husband she was gay. About a month later, she called to tell us she was going on an Olivia cruise.
Graham sends my gaydar off the chart. Larry Craig always did too. But of course, he is not gay, he was just trying to get some toilet paper, his stall was out... People refuse to understand how much promiscuous sex of all varieties is going on in politics.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.