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There is a long distance between

Refusing to participate and what is realy going on in the elections.

Crooked liar polls, see FU Frank. Wipes out , "refusing to particiapte". Prapaganda banker mafia mas. Who owns those electronic machines that just automaticly spit out the winner?

Who owns and finances the two parties and the elections. The same corps owned all be it hidden under several layers of corprations, the Bank mafia Rothschild, after all what good is counterfit money and flase national debts if you cant just digitize a bunch of money up out of thin air and buy everything. Wipes out , "refusing to particiapte".

So the real penalty for participationg in a lie heligan dialectic is that anything the liars do they do it in your name and you know who you voted for so you gave a moral consent for them to trash your good name. Kinda like I felt about Bush when I learned about that vile family.

Ill vote for Ron Paul or simular not for cowards, tricksters, and liars, who seek power to control and enrich themselves.

I dont know the real motive for Rand's betrayal. But he betrayed me personaly by endorsing Mittens while I spent my time and efforts to elect his father. No matter the real motive.

If the people of the USA cant have real elections and put forth their best leaders elections are a simple crooked lie and that Wipes out , "refusing to particiapte" types of arguments.

Ron Paul is my president, the end.