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:) It will get worse.

Families have subtle rewards for turning their old or disabled relatives over to the state. I have watched as the rewards become greater, and the sense of "family bond" becomes weaker. Complicating this, have you ever tried to provide care for someone who IS "following doctor's orders?" Half of them are drugged into near zombiehood. It is VERY easy to explain to even the most loving family member that they really are not qualified, their loved one needs professional care. Oh, you can't afford it? Well, have you considered a reverse mortgage on their home?
If you are not familiar with the term "guardian ad litum" look into it. We are trying to figure out a way to protect me if my husband dies before me, but it looks pretty hopeless. The tuckfards drove me insane and nearly killed me with their "medicine" and now they use it against me at every turn. In their paradigm, 45 years of sanity mean nothing, the recovery is denied because I still insist it was a drug reaction... (Still in denial, dear me....) and... Oh. They piss me off.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.