Comment: Ann Coulter is useless

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Ann Coulter is useless

Saddam was a partner with the US for over 40 years... we created Saddam. The real enemy is the bankers, the Rothschilds and their minions, but you won't hear that on Fox news or anywhere else. Even most Libertarians don't know about it..

Here's a NEWS FLASH... 99% of us are Libertarians... I just showed the "All Wars Are Bankers Wars" video to someone that would be labeled extreme "left"... he loved it... he agreed with all of it.

The concept of political parties is just a show... Republicans, Democrats, even Libertarians.... it is to prevent us from seeing the real criminals...

Take the red pill and wake up. Spread the word, the bankers are the terrorists and have been for hundreds if not thousands of years.