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Comment: I think its a valid question.

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I think its a valid question.

In 2012, when I would talk to people about RP, most black people had no interest in him. Whites, on the other hand, liked his ideas, but thought he couldn't win. If you don't understand where and with whom you're failing to connect, you can't increase your numbers. Aren't we supposed to spread the message?
If you can identify black members here, nobody will post a hangman's noose, rather we could ask these members where we are failing to connect and what we could do to connect; instead of playing the racist card, lets find out.
I'll bet if Chris had asked how many here were women, Southern, Native American, foreign, etc., there would have been no comments. Just don't mention certain groups and you're OK. For a group who is supposed to be about liberty and freedom, some seem overly politically correct. Relax, ya'll.