Comment: Chris, I voted you UP

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Chris, I voted you UP

It is a valid question. I am NOT prejudice against race, nationality, or otherwise.

Most black people in my area and in the next state overwhelmingly voted obama [TWICE] because of skin color. When I ask about specific issues, the response that I get is I am white and do not understand. So much for understanding, when as long as obama is of the same race, it is ok to strip rights away, invade other cultures and murder innocent people.

Many [NOT most] blacks in this area are on govt. assistance. While many are perfectly content, some scream because there is no opportunity. The point that I try to get across is that this affects ALL of us, not just race or area. Then I am told again that I am not black so I will never understand.

I do not intend to begin making this a race issue. However, it MUST be recognized that groups of race, religion, etc. do exist and those are extremely difficult numbers to sway. We must look for commonality and do our best to educate about what Liberty, and liberty, truely mean. If I do not understand because I am not black or another color or religion, then perhaps somebody else can explain the truth of what is going on in our country. Because tptb and msm will NEVER promote the truth.

Thus this:

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul