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Comment: Don't buy apple if you don't

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Don't buy apple if you don't

Don't buy apple if you don't like it. I have had Apple computers since 1992, and stuck with them when they were "going bankrupt" by "reliable sources."

They are most capitalistic companies around. If you don't like them, buy a Dell... and enjoy... stop complaining. They do not have a monopoly on computers or the web or any software... there is plenty of competition.

This thread is just nonsense. if anything Apple computers have come down in price, and if you don't wanna buy a new one, get a used one. COme up with your own "iTunes" and sell it.

I don't remember Apple EVER forcing me to send them money or have any power over me. That award goes to our Government...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...