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Comment: what back handed remark?

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what back handed remark?

What race did I single out?

When I see people, I see people, and I think much of that has to do with growing up in the military, where there are many races, and many with rank, and I grew up with kids of all races in many places and it boled down to people being people..

I don't see where you get off saying my racism is acceptable.. no racism is acceptable, and as for being racist against white people.. the is the same old stuff that goes round and round and why we just avoid the whole race issue, because really, it's a have and hove not issue. There are plenty people of color, including white, who have, and have not. We all have cultures that may cross race or not. WE ALL DESERVE THE FREEDOM TO ENJOY OUR CULTURES IN PEACE.

Is the rEVOLution or a Liberty Movement a cult in the white race?

NO. It appeals to all people who have their own paths to step into the arena.. whi did better than anyone schooling Obama? Dr. Carson.