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Hopefully, the Judge reads DP and sees

our comments on this post. He'd have plenty of support from the very large Italian-American communities here, as well as from many others who embrace freedom, should he choose to run for the Senate.

Don't forget that Christie is only half Irish. The other half is Sicilian. Don't mess with Sicilians. Besides, despite all the hate towards Gov. Christie coming from DPers and liberals, he really is the best governor we've had here in a V E R Y long time. NJ is in a financial mess. Sandy didn't help matters, either. Overall, Christie ain't bad for NJ. Too bad he has to play the role of a neocon, though. Would the Judge or someone else be better as governor? Sure. But trying to get someone better at this point would be an exercise in futility. This is New Jersey, not middle America. It's hard for people outside of the NY metro area to understand the way things are here. Drastic political change isn't going to come here so quickly nor so overtly.

Care to chime in, GeneLouis?

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