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Kinetic weapons

are just better.

No, really. Energy weapons have been way over-hyped by sci-fi. The likely next stage of weaponry is going to remain kinetic, except with electromagnets propelling the round in question, which allows for easy ammo manufacturing and much higher capacity than missile systems.

Case in point: the Navy has lasers that can shoot down drones... and that's about all they're good for, shooting aircraft. On the other hand, they're working on the railgun, which fires a projectile at utterly insane velocities; so fast, in fact, that an explosive warhead is completely unnecessary.

Go to Youtube and look up "homemade Gauss gun" or "coil gun" and witness the next stage of personal weaponry in embryo.

For now, however, gunpowder is very much sufficient, extremely reliable, and accessible to the populace at large. You have no right to declare it primitive; even the most advanced militaries in the world use it. Energy guns are all well and good when you have a nuclear reactor for an engine, but for personal use? I'll keep my rifles, thanks.