Comment: ahhhh so it's anti liberty to run a company the way they want to

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ahhhh so it's anti liberty to run a company the way they want to

I would suggest you start your own company and compete with them.

How Ironic, but most of Apples components come from that pro liberty (not) company called Samsung, who use that great operating system used by spy giant google that tracts your every move.

But wait Samsung runs those plants in China.

So if Apple creates a system we should allow everyone to use it, and all other companies for free, that's communism bro.

I believe apple just brought a Mac laptop plant back to the U.S., all designs of phones, computers, iPads etc. are done in Cupertino, CA., which is much more American than other competitors who designs come from Korea, China, Japan. As well as a nice amount of Americans that work at Apple Stores.

Apple is far from perfect, but their customer service is US based, lots of Americans work for them, unlike Dell, or Samsung or HP that farms out their customer care to India.

As far as disgusting business practices, no more or less than other companies, Facebook tracks you, google tracks you, Samsung steals patented ideas, Dell, HP, GM, Kraft, etc. have all sold out the US worker and moved factories overseas because they are forced to because Republicans and Democrats passed laws like NAFTA, GATT, MFN that really screwed over Americans. WalMart really is China Mart, everything they sell is made in China down to their apple juice. They are the supreme slave labor company and I guarantee many on this site go and shop there.

When Sam Walton was alive they use to have banners in their stores bragging about how they saved x amount of jobs in the US or helped a new plant to open in the US. When he died, that all immediately came to an end and the globalist took over and today it's the biggest anti-American job company out there.

There are few great companies, I like New Balance shoes because they try to manufacture in America, but they to even have shoes made in China.

I like Ford because they refused bailout money, have brought many manufacturing lines back to the US and have the highest US parts component content in their cars, some cars in the 95 percentile for domestic component content .