Comment: ((( Granger ))) It is freezing here.

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((( Granger ))) It is freezing here.

There is reality. I have many friends of many, many backgrounds, some in our family. We have fun, we bicker, and do all the things that friends and family do.

People are set in their ways. This is true of republicans, democrats, pro-abortion and anti-abortion folks. It is true among others as well. So when I am told that I do not understand why he or she voted for obama because I am not black, then there is a major problem that still exists. The same holds true when I speak about opposing abortion. Some women tell me that I don't have a right to an opinion, that I will never understand why they are for it, because I am not a woman myself.

These are realities. I want and promote freedom, liberty, for every person on earth. But it is there choice to accept or reject it. There is nothing wrong with reaching out if for the right reason(s), as long as one doesn't overstay/overspeak their welcome :-)

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