Comment: As a graphic designer I can only really use a mac

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As a graphic designer I can only really use a mac

it's basically an industry standard in Advertising. But I agree with you 100%.

When Steve died, the Apple Fanboy in me died too. I had an iPhone since day 1 but I switched 2 years ago to a Samsung Windows phone (blasphemy! I know) but I was tired of the same old UI and I don't need my phone to be a super computer. I have an iPad and MacBook so my phone can be different, give me the basics and a new user experience. No complaints.

Apple has become the "Call of Duty" of consumer electronics (CoD is a video game franchise) - they just give you the same shit annually and convince you that the little updates they give you make it sooooo fresh and new. BS.

I didn't see any official launch announcements but it seems Apple launched a new division called "iSueYou" since all I EVER hear now is how they're dragging people through lawsuit after lawsuit.

Without Jobs there, the company is becoming a typical corporation just looking out for the bottom line and convinced that they've brainwashed their fanboys to stay loyal from product to product.

I must say that as messed up as Apple is becoming, I feel ill thinking about Android. Google has no business in mobile. I mean, it makes total sense for the Corporate Human Indexing company to get there tentacles in as much of people's lives as possible so they can provide the widest range of products for human surveillance to their government partners. Sadly it seems Apple want's a piece of that pie as well.

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