Comment: Um, Liberty goes both ways

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Um, Liberty goes both ways

what you are arguing for is to force apple to be more like you want them to be. That is ANTI liberty.

Liberty means apple can run their business as they please, so long as they don't interfere with your right to do what you want with your property as you please.

Dont like how they do business, then don't do business with them. They are free to copy protect, and do all of those other things based on the freedom we all have to enter into contracts with various other people at our own free will. If you dont like the terms of the agreement, dont enter into the contract.

Apple becomes ANTI-Liberty when they help to shape laws that force their business model upon us AGAINST our own free will. They may or may not be doing that, but the points you have outlined above are complaining about the terms of their user agreements, which you enter freely when purchasing their products. Nowhere have they taken your liberty -- you gave it to them, which was your choice.