Comment: Ever heard of GIMP

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Ever heard of GIMP

GIMP = free OPEN SOURCE image editor. Just as powerful as photoshop. And if you're stuck on Photoshop, use GIMPshop. Bsically Gimp made to look and feel like photoshop. Even uses the same hot keys.

I do however feel your pain. TRAKTOR SUCKS in Windows. The windows drivers are just garbage. You have to turn vinyl emulation down to 3 ms delay otherwise you get skipping. In OSX or Hackintosh, works at 1ms. Which is huge if you are scratch DJ/turntablist. Doesn't matter how much overhead you have with cpu or memory, Traktor will just not run as reliably in any other OS. I am not a Mac fanboy at all. As a daily open source user, I think Macs are a rip off, but unfortunately in the case of traktor it just sucks on anything else but OSX. Getting hackintosh to work on most labtops can be a challege.

**Yes i use Serato fine on any platform, and is better at vinyl emulation, but just doesn't have all the bells and whistles or plug n play ability with various hardware as traktor does.