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Consent vs Control

IMO this man does not speak the same message as Ron Paul. Ron Paul's message was to engage the system and change it from within. In other words, take it back from the criminals, peacefully.

This man advocates removing concent from the system. I can see how one would be driven to that point, but again IMO, even removing consent will not remove oneself from the clutches of the criminals. One can say they are not subject all they want, but when the criminals decide to subject you, you will be a target and that can turn out several ways.

He is right though, the general population will not turn off their big screens and get involved. As long as we can have the next new thing, follow the carrot on the end of a stick, the pied piper has control.

I think there is a difference between the message of removing control and removing concent. However, both may share the same goal of Liberty.