Comment: I dont get all the ill

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I dont get all the ill

I dont get all the ill feelings towards Apple. I can see why it's easy to hate on the fan boys, but to hate on the company itself? Look back 15 years...everyone hated Microsoft and was making the same complaints as people make about Apple today. They were an evil monolithic corporation that made inferior products, charged too much, kills competition and devours them blah blah blah. Then Apple comes along and changes the game because they made BETTER products. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon because there was finally an alternative to Microsoft! Now Apple is huge, and people have to hate. Yes their products don't need to be so expensive, but guess what? The market speaks, and until someone makes a better product they will dominate. There are also a lot of complications with being the most valuable company in the country. If you don't like it, dont use it.