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You seem like a fanboy

These points are all really silly. It's pretty clear that you are just involved in the whole sensationalism surrounding Apple and have taken sides against them. It's fine, I don't really care what platform you use. To say that one is anti-liberty is in itself, very, VERY anti-liberty. It is a computer platform. A product (superior in many ways). It's capitalist, not anti-liberty.

1. Apple is a "bully"? All you're doing here is speculating to their motives, this is not a specific or well defined anti-liberty stance, it is you trying to interpret their motives based on actions that have both pros and cons for users. They don't care if you use their stock apps. They allow for all sorts of apps and the crap about how picky they are is BS, you should see some of the crap they let through. Not to mention this is for iOS, and there are many benefits to having an approval process for iOS (not Mac OS, in which the core OS components are actually far, far better exposed than in Windows), not the least of which being application stability. This is one of the major reasons why I prefer iOS to Android. But I'm also glad there is a choice out there, I don't go looking for reasons to bash on the system I don't prefer -_-

2. Again you're going into motive here, but you're also being completely biased and unfair because this is a move nearly every electronics and vehicle manufacturer is moving towards. There are certainly benefits to being able to remotely disable your OWN camera. There is no reason not to develop the technology though I agree it will probably be used for evil.

3. No, proprietary connectivity is not immoral, it's a way to make money, not necessarily a practice I agree with, but perfectly acceptable in a capitalist society. Your points sound more and more like YOU are the one who is anti-liberty.

4. Intellectual property absolutely exists. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours developing it. Why, exactly, should this be fair game for anyone to completely copy or outright steal? You claim Apple is anti-liberty yet you advocate blatant property theft and claim that just because it exists in a digital space it isn't real. The thing is this is how the law works and regardless of whether you agree with it (and you should, you're just not actually realizing the full effects of no intellectual property) that is how the legal system works and if you don't protect your own IP you get screwed. Apple defends their patents like every other company, they're just watched closer by sensationalists who have a vendetta against Apple.

5. This is a really ironic accusation. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer Apple. They do NOT bundle extra crap in everything. Their software is generally quite clean and runs well. The Windows version comes with a process to check for updates and a process to run music with the window closed. It's part of the functionality of what you downloaded. Don't talk about this if you don't know what you're talking about. Bottom line there is absolutely no contest between Mac OS and Windows platforms, Windows comes with spyware and bundled "junk" all the time. You can't accuse OS X of this, if it offends at all it is in a capacity much, much, MUCH less severe than is the complete and total standard on the Windows platform.

6. Yes, they outsource the work because the environment here is not such that it is profitable to build things locally. This is a problem with our government, not with Apple. Apple has a right to hire overseas in order to maximize their profits. Of course they are going to. The problem is there shouldn't be an incentive to do that, but we continue to make even more incentives for it and then get mad at the capitalists instead of fixing the broken system.

7. This is bullshit, they just get a ton of bad press, if you look into it, Apple's factories have a lower suicide rate than the average. It is literally a case of media zoning in on one aspect of something and completely ignoring the fact that it's a completely normal thing, there is absolutely no connection to Apple, there is just a high suicide rate in Chinese factories. It's horrible, don't get me wrong, but Apple has a well-documented history of caring more about this than other companies, they always inspect the factories and such. Granted, they could do more, but again, you are just picking and choosing what to pay attention to. Every electronics company is guilty here not to mention every world leader who does nothing about it.

8. Allegations that were never proven, and yet again, nothing even remotely unique to Apple. This is actually an incredibly stupid accusation when you think about it. Apple has very high pricing. They don't price fix. Even if they did... I can't agree with, but also can't completely boycott a product over it unless I want to go completely without a computer (rather difficult in my line of work). But again, these are allegations, and you are basically just guessing at their motives (which has been the case with every point you made).

9. How would you like it if you worked for 20 years to refine a product, someone took that product without paying you ONE RED CENT, copied it, made their own modifications to it which you weren't really fond of, and then distributed it under your name using all of your branding? Are you kidding me? You don't believe in liberty in the slightest, if you don't believe in Apple's right to defend their own property. Oh right, you don't see it as "property" if you can't touch it. *sigh*

I will just end by saying I couldn't care less about a company's motives. I buy a superior product. That is how the system is supposed to work. If there isn't an incentive to make a good product it's because of broken capitalism, you can't hate the player who is just doing what they gotta do. And the major, major thing here is you are being caught up in sensationalism from the media to bash on a company that when you get right down to it, acts just like all the others.

You're being very, very selective in what you are bashing Apple for. All of these things are pretty rampant in the industry, and I see you are using a computer, so that guarantees beyond a shadow of a doubt that despite raging against Apple, you support companies with the vast majority of identical problems. Because it's not a problem with the companies, people will always act in their own best interests. The problem is with the system not incentivizing good best interests.