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The only reason I replied to

The only reason I replied to begin with was to ask why it was necessary to call the OP a clown because you don't agree. Now, if you want to argue against what I said about Samsungs innovation compared to Apple feel free. I'm not the one that put out a lengthy commercial pointing out all of the features that Samsung phones had a year before Apple did. Apple is playing catch up with the I-phone these days. But, loyal Appleheads wont recognize that. Who the hell wants a glass phone anyway? Apple wants you to so you have to buy a new face every time you drop your phone. It's also humorous that people get suckered in to the marketing. Apple has put out a new version of the Iphone every year since 2007, and the Appleheads are foolish enough to keep on buying em'. Stick with Apple products if you like them, what do I care? But you shouldn't be so abrasive just because you disagree.