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iTunes on Windows is actually

iTunes on Windows is actually incredible, all the people I know switched to it and I use it now. The old iTunes for Windows was admittedly bloated and terrible, everyone knew that. But the new one was rewritten from the ground up and is hands-down the best music player I've ever used. It's fine if you still don't like it, but don't go around saying "don't pretend it's good". It is good...really good. A ton of people love it.

As far as not liking things because they're too small/too expensive/whatever, that's TOTALLY your prerogative. I support your right to use non-Apple products! But it doesn't mean Apple is anti-liberty, it's anti-liberty to expect everyone to use a certain system just because of your own preferences.

To address your direct point however, you cannot find an equivelent Windows machine for the price of an iMac. It is currently one of the most well-rounded machines available, and it is extremely cost effective if you need that much power. It is a long-debunked myth that Macs are overpriced. The price of an iMac is almost halfway covered by the monitor alone, which costs a minimum of $850 for a monitor that is almost as good (and technically is the best specced monitor on the market, completely unmatched in the PC world).

However, it is entirely true that Mac does not have a "low end", it is also true that Apple charges absurd prices for add-on components (hence why I go elsewhere for those).