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lol! Me too.

I had been a fan for a couple years, but in one video he made he mentioned ... mmm... can't remember if it was the town or the church, but this very tiny little town in PA which is the national "hub" of the rather odd little church I was raised in. I am related to like, half the town, and a lot of them named "Rose." I commented on his youtube channel and he said he was from that line of Roses. I never bothered to figure out the connection - second cousins twice removed or some nonsense. It intrigues me, the intellectual "family resemblance" (not that I am any Larken Rose.) The Rose I know best is very similar in many ways, too. Not as disciplined and principled as Larken, but not an idiot about the world, either. It was quite the "OMG" moment to put that together.

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