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That's a pretty loose

definition of Tyranny. Only a libertarian could come up with this. To a hammer, every problem looks like a nail? iTunes went a long way toward out flanking corruption in the music business, by reducing the price structure, and recreating the delivery, of music, within a legal framework that still pays musicians, while mollifying the monopolistic music giants. Garage band has put a recording studio, which not long ago, cost around $250,000, on every laptop, for less than 5k! That could be interpreted as democratization. Everywhere I look people are walking around texting and fiddling with their smartphones, a phenomenon less than ten years old. How is that connectivity Tyrannical? I interface with the Daily Paul on a mac. Revolution after revolution, in industry after industry, has been pioneered by Apple. They've done more for typography than Gutenberg. Windows has been ripping them off, in terms of features and user interface for 30 years. If you bought Apple stock five years ago, you rode an engine of capital creation that out paced Exxon! In today's environment all technology companies contend with a paranoid regulatory environment blossoming into a police state. Apple bashing should be relegated to the Huffington Post. I thought people here were capitalists! Does Ann Coulter have something after all? She said libertarians are nerds and pussies.