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Not letting this go by...

They want all music to be loaded with DRM

This is a damnable lie. Apple, like any other maker of computing hardware, would rather see DRM consigned to the ash-heap of history. It's a pain in the ass to implement it, it annoys customers, and it wastes engineering time that could be better applied elsewhere.

The only reason the iTMS ever had DRM in the first place was to placate the record labels, and Steve Jobs was the man who convinced them to give it up. Read and learn:

Note in particular the 5th paragraph from the bottom:

"The third alternative is to abolish DRMs entirely. Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable formats. In such a world, any player can play music purchased from any store, and any store can sell music which is playable on all players. This is clearly the best alternative for consumers, and Apple would embrace it in a heartbeat."

They use the 'American Company' routine to encourage 'patriotic purchases',

I defy you to show me anything Apple's ever said along those lines.

Worker conditions seem to be unimportant to Apple when it comes to foreign employees

This is another really obnoxious lie. Apple is the company that is at the forefront of setting employment standards for all of their suppliers worldwide.

In fact, after a series of worker suicides at the factory the company has installed suicide nets, \

The nets were a silly overreaction to bad publicity. The fact is, the suicide rate for Foxconn employees is much lower than for China as a whole, and incidentally, lower than every state in the USA. There's a reason why Foxconn is swamped with people who want to work for them every time they announce any openings.

Hackintoshes being 'illegal' is BS.

It's their software, not yours. If you don't like the terms of the license they offer, then use something else. NO vendor has any obligation to sell you anything on your terms. Psystar knew they were stealing from Apple, and they got exactly what they had coming.

I could literally go on and on listing the disgusting business practices of this company.

Yes, you can continue to parade your ignorance as you have done above.

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