Comment: Pretty is as pretty does, Glenn.

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Pretty is as pretty does, Glenn.

It seems that Glenn wants a prominent seat in the libertarian in-crowd without paying his dues, or . . . as he complained, atoning for his past. I have been on the Glenn Beck yo-yo since the 2008 campaign and every single time, what comes up always goes back down again.

Dr. Paul's movement started the Tea Party, but GB did his best to co-opt it and pull it away from Dr. Paul. Isn't this just more of the same? What about what he did to Debra Medina? How about the way they tear people apart over silly things, such as Ron Paul's voice. Everything he said here sounds more like a veiled threat.

Imagine Glenn is in college majoring in Theater and this soliloquy is his senior project. It looks more like acting than sincere curiosity or an actual change of heart. Otherwise, why not bring Dr. Paul back and sincerely apologize, then sit back and be instructed . . . on a weekly basis?