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You arent wrong, for the most

You arent wrong, for the most part.

However, I do think some of us can be a bit more paranoid than is healthy regarding other peoples' motives. I have known a lot of people personally, who had similar neocon thinking to what Beck has peddled at times (and who never listened to Beck).

I think something worth keeping in mind, is that many peoples' views are shaped by the political atmosphere itself. If there is a prevailing false dichotomy in the public dialogue of neoconism vs leftist-type socialism.. the neocon minded folk arent necessarily bad people, just duped into buying into the false dichotomy.

Once someone is set in their ways, the first reaction is usually to defend against other views in a hostile manner. Beck has obviously been guilty of this in the past. But so have many of us at one time or another.

I think it sets a bad precedent to reject people based on their prior stances and beliefs. I also think it sets a poor example to assume that everyone who does or has disagreed in the past, even publically... or even disagrees in the present does so due to some sinister or selfish motive.

Sure, there are some that do. But I think it is unbecoming of us to assume as such in all cases by default, and treat people poorly as a result.

That is not to say that I think we should by any means welcome Beck or others as any type of representative or spokesperson.. because I certainly do not. ( I would argue our best spokesperson right now is The Judge )But I think forgiveness and understanding for past differences shows good character on our part.

If the Judge can go and have a conversation with the Becks of the world, in a friendly and informative manner - we should be able to as well. The future of this movement is in winning people over, not in hanging on to anger of past transgressions and " I told you so".