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Comment: Glenn Beck.. Karl Rove and Lindsay Graham

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Glenn Beck.. Karl Rove and Lindsay Graham

are the reason this thread was created.

I applaud each and everyone for being fiercely independent. Our movement needs leadership. Someone that speaks to us and defends our positions.

It looks like Rand is going to be that guy whether we like it or not. We need to define our enemies and allies well before the midterm elections.

I ask this question because if we want to win we sure as hell better beat Rove and Beck to the punch. They know that right now is the best time to rally your troops. If we can come out swinging for a few candidates early, we have the best chance at success in the primaries.

The core group of posters here didnt leave after the election. Right now, the DP isn't on fire. Not like during any election or big political moment. Right now we should start identifying our candidates and posting threads.

Karl Rove has declared war on us. Karl Rove is an insider deeply connected, full of dirty tricks and a media on his quick dial.

We need leadership. I am saying this as a business owner that has been a promoter for his entire life. Without leadership we are a bunch of people posting comments on the internet that might go vote.

Can you work as a team towards the philosophy of individualism? You support Ron Paul!!!

This thread with Beck really shook me up:

He was just on FOX saying he supports Rand. If we are not careful, our movement will be branded by this douchebag just like Dick Armey hijacked and branded the Tea Party.

This shit we play is called politics. It plays for keeps. If we do not take responsibility for our movement, it will be stolen from us.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul