Comment: Yes, that's the point of 'unalienable'

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Yes, that's the point of 'unalienable'

The question is in which society are you least likely to have to use your rights. That would be the free society. Your right to life is not the right not to die. Your right to property is not the right to a chicken in your pot. Your right to liberty is not a right never to have to labor to provide goods or services your fellow man may desire more than those he can provide for himself.

Your rights are moral authority to act. They are moral, for one reason, because others may claim the same moral authority to act and not create a contradiction. You do not have the right to take my stuff, for one, because if we both have that right against each other it causes a contradiction. If you act anyway on that motivation you are acting without right. If I defend myself I am acting with right.