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Ah grasshoppa...

The Karl Rove playbook is exactly what we need to study. For Karl Rove is enemy number 1 to our movement as he has declared war on Rand Paul and the Tea Party. Rove backed a moderate in a backroom deal in 07 and paid heavily for it. He lost two national elections.

We are all individuals that can learn from his playbook and use it against him in the midterm elections. There is a fkn reason why he is declaring war on us now. He knows he has to solidify the most ardent supporters now and define his enemies. Rove drew first blood.. and if we want to win we better sure as hell understand the opponent we are up against.

I dare to suggest watching 'Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story'

Karl Rove didnt make it happen, Lee Atwater was the Wizard behind the machine.

Our movement needs leadership and tenacity like Lee Atwater before it is hijacked by those with press access.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul