Comment: Manifest Destiny has been an excuse for government action.

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Manifest Destiny has been an excuse for government action.

Wherever government treads it treads on individual innovation and usurps individual incentives.

But if government didn't do it it wouldn't get done.

If it wasn't done, it wasn't needed.

Businesses are always begging for handouts, they would rather government did the unprofitable parts of their business.

The idea of manifest destiny being an individual right, but it
is trampled at every turn by government.

I use government's paper money. I buy power for government subsidized and indemnified nuclear power plants. My children are educated by agenda driven government programs. Sixteen percent of my neighbors work for the federal government. Forty-five percent of my neighbors get food stamps. The media is controlled by a government sanctioned cartel of broadcasters. And on on on.

Congress now says that I owe over 20oz Gold for all the good things they've done to me. But don't worry Congress will borrow more.

It comes back to the main question. What ought to be the proper role of government?

Free includes debt-free!