Comment: Legalizing pot is more than it seems.

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Legalizing pot is more than it seems.

Legalizing marijuana. It is a very big point to make given that it covers many different areas of society. Economically we're talking about limiting the billions in tax dollars that go to enforcement which brings up moral civil rights issues. Also, you have the potential for economic gain by individuals who would choose to grow and or sell it. It could and should be a free market choice that allows for a consumer to purchase a known and trusted brand of marijuana for consumption. So, in short there is a tremendous peripheral side to legalizing pot as opposed to "losing focus".
But I also prefer a multi-pronged attack on issues. I think this brings in more people to the liberty movement in that we don't all agree coming in and pot is a popular subject that has led many people here. Marriage could be a lead in for some or property rights for others. But libertarian ideology is growing and I think because we have many different avenues "in" is why.