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"Another major question? Who is he referring to when he says they won't let him in? I never considered "libertarianism" a club. It's a way of thinking, a set of principles that govern how you interact with external and internal stimuli. Who is he trying to "get accepted" by? Ask yourself that..."

I know, right? What is this, high school?

I don't remember asking any permission from any of you (well, except perhaps Michael Nystrom to be part of this forum when I signed up lol) to be part of the movement. I've had disagreements with people on this site and other sites, yet somehow I'm able to carry on and be part of this. All without that magic conferment of acceptance that Beck seems to think he needs from some magical "they". It's like he thinks he deserves some kid-glove treatment.

He failed outright when he could have been part of the solution, and while I don't think that unforgiveable by any means (we're all fallible), I also don't consider him the go-to guy on libertarianism and the liberty movement. He had a moment a few years ago and blew it IMAO