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Comment: Oh Puke

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Oh Puke

I just hate when this Beck jerk says things to his guests like ..."you know you are one of the few people who have been talking about the same things I have been screaming about for years such as the Federal Reserve problem...etc, etc. He always morphs the meat and potatoes of our movement onto himself and then dirties it with his convoluted neocon solutions. He always pretends that he invented it and everyone else is just now waking up to what he discovered so long ago. I wouldn't even be bothered about it if he truly went along with the right solutions. But all he is trying to do is ride whatever coattails will keep him relevant while leading everyone back to the neocon warmonger plan. The guy is a clown and a fake. Remember what he did to Medina? Never trust this guy. If he wants to promote our liberty people, fine...get whatever media time you can out of this shill. But don't turn a blind eye on this turncoat or he'll pull a fast one.