Comment: Should have bought Quebec, Canada from the French.

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Should have bought Quebec, Canada from the French.

1803. Buying Louisiana Territory turned out to be a fine investment. We paid $15 for Mississippi River front property. Came with 827,000 acres of property out back, west of the water front.

If President Thomas Jefferson had of known we were going to have an extra $5 million squandered on studying democracy of goldfish, he might have been less frugal & more adventurous with our public money. The USA should have bought Quebec. Perhaps another $5 million would have clinched the deal. Imagine. An even $20 million. It may come as a surprise to some of you youngens, I was not at the negotiating table to influence the decision here nor there. That alone may be enough for you to realize I need not labor further into this matter.

It saddened me to learn what that notorious Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte got our $15, then raged war across Europe with it. But, let us not confuse matters anymore. Let it lie.

The main point I wish you folk to consider is this: Let us extend our territorial purchase from the French to include their holdings in Quebec Territory. Sell or trade our gold fish research. Before the French realize we are again flush with coin, use the proceeds to trade or buy as much of Quebec as offered. Be circumspect. We need not give France any imperial notions. Perhaps to be safe, we should trade our goldfish research for much of Quebec. By some rights, the Mississippi River drain is ours already. Let us be polite. Nary a mention of too much too soon. The French have a keen sense for delicate affairs.

1803. The Louisiana Purchase was a land deal between the United States and France, in which the U.S. acquired approximately 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River for $15 million dollars...

[1805 Map of Louisiana by Samuel Lewis from Library of Congress]

... amid reports that Spain would retrocede (cede retro actively) to France the vast territory of Louisiana... navigation of the Mississippi River and access to the port of New Orleans... [President] Jefferson wrote U.S. Minister to France Robert Livingston: "Every eye in the U.S. is now fixed on this affair of Louisiana. Perhaps nothing since the revolutionary war has produced more uneasy sensations through the body of the nation."

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