Comment: He has a point..

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He has a point..

I never really liked Glenn Beck but if he really is believing in liberty then let him be and even if he doesn't believe in it then let him be. GB has a powerful following for some strange reason that i don't understand. he is talking the ideas of liberty up which is what needs to be done. he maybe calling some people out for being hypocritical which needs to be done its human nature to do be a hypocrite. the behavior most people (including myself) don't like in others are often the same behaviors we ourselves have.

do not judge, do not force your opinions on someone. if you know the truth don't let others tear you down. if you don't like GB who cares? don't support him. don't pay him attention. but don't point the finger saying he is a bad man for saying we are not welcoming him. he has that right as we all do. name calling is just that a name but an idea of which we speak about spreads like wild fire. let him talk about that idea will spread and more people will see that liberty is the way to prosperity.

WE the people are power. WE the people must be moral. We the people must work towards are own freedom, happiness, and success if we are going to survive as a properest nation.